The Legend Of Aable parable has now been expanded into the life enhancing Book & Workbook! 

Whether you’re 12, 29, or 49, learn to be more Aable in your academic, employed, or entrepreneurial journey! 

Books will be available via Amazon, as well as bulk orders for schools. 

The Book

After listening to Daniel Priestley’s book, Key Person Of Influence, Tarkan decided to defy his dyslexia in a major way. He took on the 30 day challenge to write a 30,000 word book.

Tarkan took Asims parable, The Legend of Aable, and expanded it in every which way to become a personal development odyssey with Ceeless, Beemor and Aable.

The parable is The Legend of Aable. But the book itself comes with a twist.. The book is not just a fictional parable. The book is your story. And its a story, within a story, within your story. It’s up to you to discover where one story ends, and the next begins.


Opportunities, seen.
Opportunities, yet to be seen.
Opportunities, to be created.

The Workbook

The Legend Of Aable: Workbook is a self-improvement expedition that explores the character types of Ceeless, Beemor and Aable. Delving deeper into what makes each character, and their outcomes, so different. 

Participating Voyagers will venture on a personal development journey that will inspire them to enable their Inner Aable, go beyond what they believe they can achieve, learn and grow every step of the way, and embrace their journey!


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